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What to Do With Tech Trash?

With more than 10 million computers dumped in landfills each year, officials worry over mounting trash and toxicity. Massachusetts recently joined more than a dozen European countries in banning computers and TVs from landfills and throwing down the green gauntlet for the feds to follow suit.

Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia and West Virginia are also considering electronic dumping bans similar to that in Massachusetts.

Current federal rules prohibit large-scale electronic dumping (groups that toss more than 220 pounds of electronic waste a month must recycle), but residents and small businesses can, and do, pile old computers into landfills. According to the National Safety Council, only 11 percent of computers get recycled, and small-time consumers alone add 10 million computers to landfills every year.

Besides taking up space and wasting copper, gold and other resources that could be recycled, mounting piles of tech trash pose an additional problem: toxicity.

More than 700 chemicals are used to manufacture computers, and their internal hardware is packed with cadmium, chromium, mercury and other heavy metals. But cathode ray tubes in monitors are the biggest problem.

The tubes contain lead, which protects viewers from radiation. When the tubes are pulverized, the lead - between 2.5 and 8 pounds of it per monitor - can seep through the landfill and into groundwater.

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Arizona Recycle provides recycling services for residential, commercial and industrial based clients. We recycle miscellaneous metals of any kind, including industrial scrap metal from construction sites, electronic waste, all appliances, household and exercise equipment even automobiles.

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Recycling Benefits

  • Recycling avoids disposal costs and trips to the dump.
  • Recycling conserves energy.  It is more energy-efficient to manufacture with recyclable resources than virgin materials.
  • Recycling minimizes pollution.  Manufacturing with recyclable resources causes less pollution (i.e., air, water, soil) than virgin materials.
  • Recycling creates more jobs.  Every one job in a landfill equals about ten jobs in a Materials Recovery Facility where recyclables are processed.
  • Recycling minimizes litter and illegal dumping, because those materials have value (e.g., someone buys them; someone accepts them without any fee; someone has a use for them, even if they don't buy them, etc.).
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